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Designing the perfect in or above ground pool for your lifestyle and Perth's climate

Pools are often central to the creation of Perth's best residential landscapes and gardens. Ensuring the inclusion of a pool within the garden is cohesive with the home and how your family live is central to our pool and landscape designs.

Key components to consider when a landscape that includes a pool are,

  • Flow - Ensure your pool and garden maintain flow and accessibility.  Access around the garden without moving through a pool fence is often a consideration when designing a pool to ensure pets and children can still use those areas outside of the pool spaces.

  • Pool Tiling - Pool cleaning and longevity can be improved by fully tiling your pool (and investment);

  • Pool Depths and Shape - Pools come in all shapes, sizes and depths.  The best pool is the pool that works for those that are using it. Concrete pools allow customisation to include ledges, seating and spas if desired. 

  • Servicing and Lighting - Location of skimmer boxes, lighting, in ground pool blanket boxes and pool pumps and filtration systems are important components of your pool and require careful consideration.

  • Pool Heating - Perth's access to solar energy  is abundant and its important to harness this where possible whether it be through pool location, use of pool blanket, solar heating or an electric heat pump powered by solar panels. All of this is taken into consideration when designing a pool to ensure a long lasting and well used pool.

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