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How it Works

The best projects begin with early involvement and a discussion about the landscape you are trying to achieve and how you and your family would like to live in your new garden.

Each project we work on presents its own opportunity to develop landscape that reimages your lifestyle outdoors. At TPLA we design solutions that start to develop from the first interaction we have with our clients and collaborators. Below is a outline of our process from your first consultation to construction.


We meet face to face on site or in our office to discuss a concept that carefully considers the sites locations, opportunities and constraints, your lifestyle and the architecture surrounding. Once we understand your brief, we issue you a fee proposal that outlines our process and fee. 

Spatial Layout and Visualization Stage

Once we have approval to proceed, the initial consultation brief will be used to develop a 3D landscape design concept. This phase is all about space, scale and liveability. It demonstrates how each element interacts with each other from plants, to pools to your homes architecture. 

Design Development 2D landscape design

After you have reviewed the renders, videos and 3d design we move into design development which is all about refining your design further in 2D. It’s here we select final finishes, materials, plants and develop plans for your landscaper to build and plant your dream garden.  


We will align you with our preferred experienced landscape and pool contractors.


If planning permits or council approvals are required, we will align you with relevant parties to assist in this process. Interested?


If you think tristanpeirce Landscape Architecture is right for you? We love coffee (and beer) almost as much as landscape architecture, so let’s meet to discuss how we can bring your dream garden to life.

Email to find out more.

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