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Above Ground Pool and Spa

When our clients called for a tropical look pool and spa in a relatively small courtyard, a well thought out design was required to minimise the pool fencing and maximise the liveable spaces. This above ground pool and spa is isolated for pool fencing compliance by the pool shell and a 'land moat' that removes the need for a traditional pool fence. Generous decking within the alfresco area is maximised and forms the pathway to the pool. Lush tropical  planting was proposed to be planted around the pool areas as well as a mature transplant frangipani. A fully tiled green pool is proposed for the project, creating a point of difference as well as a cooling aesthetic.

Landscape Contractor Werd Landscapes

Project Scope

  • Design

  • Design Development

  • 3D Fly-through

  • Perspectives

  • Outdoor Fireplace Design

  • Pavement and Wall Layouts

  • Planting Design

  • Decking Design

  • Lighting Design

  • Council Submission

  • Succulent Plants


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